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Mute Accounts on Twitter With ManageFlitter

Twitter announced that they have introduced a new "mute" button.  Twitter have noted that they are progressively rolling out this feature so you may not have access to this feature via Twitter yet.

We have already updated ManageFlitter for all users to include this new mute option.  You can now identify and select Twitter accounts that you are following and mute them in the same way you identify and follow/unfollow accounts on ManageFlitter.

Please note: you can still use this mute feature via ManageFlitter even if you don't  yet have access to this feature via Twitter.

This mute feature will also work with the ManageFlitter Remote Account Management feature.

Twitter mute feature

In ManageFlitter you will also be able to a list of the accounts that you have muted.

If you have any questions about this feature please feel free to email us.


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