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ManageFlitter Feature Changes - Twitter Compliance October 2017

Earlier this year, Twitter updated some of its Policies including the following:

As result of some of their policy updates, Twitter have reached out to us and requested that we make some changes to ManageFlitter, to bring the product's features more in line with the updated policies.

As of the 25th October 2017, the following ManageFlitter updates and changes will be rolled out:

  1. Removal of "Select All" Button & Functionality - COMPLETED

    We will be removing the select all button and related functionality and reworking other functionality as required.

    This is the most significant of the requested changes and we ask for your patience in making yourself familiar with the new reworked functionality.

  2. Removal of "Bulk Engage" Feature - COMPLETED

    We will be removing the Bulk Engage feature in its entirety.

  3. Renaming "Copy Followers" & "Copy Following" - COMPLETED

    We will be renaming "Copy Followers" to "Followers of @" and "Copy Following" to "Followed by @".

Thanks for your understanding around these changes. As mentioned, the above changes are all per Twitter's request to us.

For further information please feel free to get in touch with ManageFlitter support.

  Please note, that these changes are separate to the changes we are making to free and paid plans.


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