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Editors Note: Scott Frappell is a Social Media Enthusiast, Ambassador for Reach Out Volunteers and Supervisor at Coles Supermarket. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Since its release in 2011, the media sharing app Snapchat has captured the millennial market and grown to 150 million users. Snapchat is quickly becoming popular among other demographics too.

Each day more than 410 000 000 Snaps are sent on Snapchat.

But what exactly is Snapchat and how does it work?

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3 Handy Apps for Instagram Photographers

Editors Note: Hanna Hetherington is a Design Student from Sydney. She can be found on Instagram.

For the last 3 months Hanna has been working with the ManageFlitter team in an intern position, helping us with a variety of ManageFlitter projects. Hanna has a strong photographic background and we thought it'd be great for her to give our users some insight into her favourite mobile editing apps.

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7 Steps to Making the Perfect Instagram Post

Each day more than 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram.

With some basic photographic knowledge and understanding, it is easy to create a sophisticated and interesting post.

To get you started, here is a step by step guide to creating a stand out Instagram post.

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At the end of May 2016 Twitter announced changes to what gets counted towards Twitter's 140 character limit.

Some of these changes are now live.

Latest Update: 27th October - Twitter begins testing the removal of @replies inside Tweets.
Latest Update: 31st March - Twitter removes @replies from Tweet Character Count. 

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Essential Tips For Optimising Your Instagram Account

In September 2015 Instagram reached 400 million active monthly users.

As Instagram's popularity increases, it is more important than ever to make your account stand out.
Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

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Twitter's Limits You Need To Know
Dave Zoradi is ManageFlitter's U.S. based customer support representative.

At some point after creating a Twitter account you may bump up against various limits or rules that Twitter has in place. These limitations set by Twitter do not discriminate and they apply to all Twitter users.

We've outlined the most common Twitter limits below.

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Editor's note: Evan Dunn is the Social Media Marketing Manager with Marketeering Group in Seattle, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media provides marketers with the long sought after holy grail: direct access to the thoughts of the consumer and the ability to target content or advertisements to consumers based on interest, location, and other variables. Access to consumers' minds and the ability to target consumers in a highly calibrated manner is very useful when wanting to "sell stuff" in a cost effective manner.

Organic Marketing on Social Media: It's Not as Simple as We Thought.

Despite popular belief social media marketing isn't free advertising. It's also a lot more than simply crafting a "cool" post ("viral marketing" died off for a good reason).

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One of my favourite things about Twitter is how it provides me with VIP access into the minds of some very smart people.

We all know about the Lady Gaga's, Justin Bieber's and Deepak Chopra's of the world and the social impact of their tweets.

However it is the lower profile geniuses whose tweets that I find are the most interesting.

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No matter the size of your company or the industry you are in, Twitter offers an excellent way for companies of all sizes to engage with customers and stay fresh in their minds.
Whether your company does not yet have a Twitter account or your Twitter account is struggling to get followers, it is worth studying the social media habits of companies that are tweeting their way toward success.
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Twitter recently updated their Twitter API Frequently Asked Questions to include an entry explaining their decision to disallow bulk following and bulk unfollowing.


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