The PowerPost functionality will assist you in scheduling your tweets for the most appropriate time ensuring maximum engagement with your Twitter followers.

PowerPost analyses when your followers are most active on Twitter so you are able to post Tweets for maximum reach.


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ManageFlitter's PowerPost Bulk Import feature is available to users who are on Business subscriptions only. To sign up for a Business plan - click here.

PowerPost Bulk Import allows you to easily import, schedule and manage a large number of Tweets via the PowerPost feature. 

You can import tweets by directly copying and pasting or uploading a text or CSV file.

The 5 steps below outline how to upload your tweets in bulk via the copy and paste function. 

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We are excited to announce that ManageFlitter Business is now LIVE!

You can see the new pricing plans and features.

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ManageFlitter's unfollow tool identifys spam or fake accounts you follow on Twitter and enables you to unfollow them.

There are a number of signals which indicate fake accounts on the ManageFlitter system. These signals combine together to give a final score out of 100. If the score is over 50%, they are considered a fake or spam account.

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We have recently rolled out a feature which allows you to save and archive tweets that you schedule using PowerPost for future re-use.

With the new 'Re-use a Tweet" feature you are able to select scheduled Tweets and save them to an archived "Tweet box" for future posting via PowerPost. 

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With the 'verified' follow tool available on ManageFlitter Pro, you are able to follow accounts which have been verified by Twitter.

Twitter proactively verifies accounts to confirm that high quality sources of information are coming from a legitimate source.  A verified account as defined by Twitter as "Any account with a blue verified badge on their Twitter profile". To learn more about verified accounts click here

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The team at ManageFlitter are pleased to anounce our new media attachment tool - giving you the ability to add images to your Tweets.

As some of you may have noticed, a small camera icon is now present withn the PowerPost Tweet field.

Twitter has recently released API access to in-built attachment capabilities allowing third parties to attach media to Tweets, as a result, you are able to enhance your scheduled Tweets supported by images.

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Have you thought about upgrading your free ManageFlitter account to a Pro version?

Pro accounts offer over 14 additional features to optimize your Twitter growth and account cleaning. These features give you several advantages over and above the free version. Read this post

We are really happy to have just released a refreshed version of ManageFlitter’s interface and a bundle of new features.

We've been using the existing interface on ManageFlitter for over 2 years now. As we kept adding additional features, the site became more and more crowded. We've tried to take a step back with this new look and hopefully make everything a bit cleaner and intuitive.

Other than a visual refresh, here’s a list of some of the improvements in this release;Read this post

We’re excited to announce some cool new features that we’ve been working hard on at ManageFlitter. These new changes will help you become faster and efficient while using Twitter.

PowerPost Analytics

We have added a new analytics feature to PowerPost.

There are now two options of posting URLs when scheduling a tweet:

  1. Insert a URL, leaving it as it is
  2. When the URL has been inserted, a toggle will appear notifying you that the URL can be shortened automatically with

The first release of the analytics helps you keep track of the URL’s activity. We have added a number of tabs where you can closely follow the statistics of the URL, such as:Read this post


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