5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With ManageFlitter

Below are 5 useful ManageFlitter features that you may not be familiar with.

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ManageFlitter Suggested ContentWe are excited to announce that we have launched our new Suggested Content feature on ManageFlitter.

The Suggested Content feature allows you to easily find high quality content to share on Twitter.

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A. ManageFlitter Click-Through Analytics & Bots

The ManageFlitter PowerPost feature allows our users to schedule Tweets for optimal times and track click-throughs on links in the scheduled tweets.

We have now integrated bot detection mechanisms that will detect and exclude most bots from the click-through analytic metrics, resulting in a more accurate measure for our customers (see analytics graph below).

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ManageFlitter allows you to sort Twitter accounts by "influence".  This can be useful when deciding who to follow or unfollow.

This influence rating of an account is based on a number of factors including:


ManageFlitter's PowerPost feature allows you to schedule tweets in advance.

PowerPost analyses when your followers are most likely to be online (using Twitter data) so you can schedule tweets for maximum reach and exposure.
You can view a walk through of our PowerPost feature on YouTube.

As you may know we were forced to make some changes to our bulk follow/unfollow service by Twitter.

As part of the changes we now offer a Remote Account Management (RAM) feature where an Account Manager on our end manually processes your follows, unfollows, and blocks as required.

Remote Account Management

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As you may be aware we have had to change the way our batch follow/unfollow functionality worked.

Most of our new functionality is now live for our users.

ManageFlitter New Batch Select Feature

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We have had many requests to add the option to exclude “all” people that you have previously followed on Twitter. "I don't want to refollow people who I've ever followed before, not only people I'm currently following" has been a common customer request.  

We are happy to announce this feature is now live!

Exclude all people that you have previously followed.

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Overview of Upcoming ManageFlitter Changes:

Twitter has made some changes to its "Automation Rules and Best Practices" 

Unfortunately ManageFlitter will no longer be able to provide the ability to select multiple accounts to follow or unfollow as indicated in the screenshot below.

Sometime between 5 September 2013 and 9 September 2013 we will be removing the ability to select multiple accounts to follow and unfollow.



Please note that this is not our decision but rather we have been forced to make these changes by Twitter.

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Check out ManageFlitters Tweet Analytics feature now! 

ManageFlitter's Tweet Analytics feature is available to Pro and Business accounts only. Tweet Analytics allows you to track tweet keywords over time and view individual tweets during volume spikes.

Today we are going to track the keyword "ManageFlitter" and view a breakdown of a tweet keyword analysis.

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