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1. Introduction
If your information is publicly displayed anywhere on the internet, I can (and will) find it, and can (and will) find the perfect excuse to contact you, if you might buy what I’m selling.

To some people, this seems like a really annoying thing to do. But it’s not a bad practice in and of itself.

If the people I’m contacting want my product or service, then I’m doing them a favor. The transaction is mutually beneficial.

What does this have to do with job hunting?
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A recent study revealed that up to 40% of users on Twitter are inactive. ManageFlitter's inactive filter allows you to detect and unfollow inactive Twitter accounts that you are following.

Unfollowing inactive accounts on Twitter is important for the following reasons:

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Sometimes it is useful and interesting to see which of your previous Twitter followers unfollow you and when they did so.

We have always had an "Account History" tracking function that provided this information.  Unfortunately it has not always been as accurate as we would have liked.

We have re-released the "Account History" tracking function.  It is now more accurate.  This is now live in all accounts.  

To access this feature select "Analytics" -> "Account History".

Account History

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With ManageFlitter's "Copy Followers" tool you can analyse and copy the followers of a competitor's account.

Copying followers opens the opportunity for a reciprocal follow back and communicating with like minded tweeps. These followers may also view the advantages of your business or account over your competitor!

Follow the steps below to get started:

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Our wonderful 'Ninja Mode' functionality allows you to discover Twitter accounts you have followed and those who have followed you in return. 
Simply follow the steps below to discover your most recent reciprocal followers on ManageFlitter. 
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You can discover your most influential Twitter followers with a ManageFlitter Pro plan

Our influential filter determines the popularity or 'influence' an account has by the people that follow them on Twitter. This is often referred in the Twittersphere as 'Klout'.

You can discover all your influential Twitter followers in 2 simple steps!

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Account Search is a powerful ManageFlitter feature which enables you to discover relevant people to follow on Twitter.

ManageFlitter has one of the largest databases of Twitter user information. You can search through details of over 80million Twitter accounts within seconds!

The Search feature is available to both free and Pro ManageFlitter users. Free ManageFlitter users are limited to following up to 50 users when searching for accounts. Pro users have no ManageFlitter restrictions however we advise all users to following within Twitters guidelines and limitations.

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PowerPost is one of our most popular features and is used to schedule tweets for appropriate times.

PowerPost analyses when your followers are most active on Twitter so you are able to post Tweets for maximum reach.

PowerPost can also help you schedule your tweets based on when followers in specific locations are most likely to be online.

For example if ManageFlitter were to have a "ManageFlitter users' meet-up" in New York , we would want to send out a tweet that is optimised for when @manageflitter followers in New York are most likely to be online.  

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ManageFlitter's advanced filtering tools allows you to discover Twitter accounts that you follow who have never Tweeted before.

Simply follow the steps outlined below to discover ManageFlitter's advanced filtering tools.Read this post

With a free ManageFlitter account you can unfollow up to 100 of your Twitter account followers per day.

You can remove these limits by upgrading to ManageFlitter Pro.

Alternatively if you prefer not to upgrade to Pro you can increase your daily limit up to 2000 unfollows per day through the Bonus Unfollow system.

Options to increase your unfollow limit include:

• Follow the @ManageFlitter Twitter account: +200 daily unfollows

• Tweet about ManageFlitter: Bonus: +200 daily unfollows

• Sign-up for the ManageFlitter newsletter: +300 daily unfollows

• Invite your friends to try ManageFlitter via email, Twitter or Facebook: +1200 daily unfollows (+200 per referral) 

(Please note that an invitation only unlocks additional unfollows if the user hasn't used ManageFlitter before - this invitation is only for people who are new to ManageFlitter)

We have put this bonus system in place to give some of our power users some easy options to get more out of their ManageFlitter account even if they don't want to go Pro.Read this post


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