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3 Companies Getting it Right on Twitter & What You Can Learn from Them

No matter the size of your company or the industry you are in, Twitter offers an excellent way for companies of all sizes to engage with customers and stay fresh in their minds.
Whether your company does not yet have a Twitter account or your Twitter account is struggling to get followers, it is worth studying the social media habits of companies that are tweeting their way toward success.

Below are three examples of companies that are using Twitter smartly. 
1. Dell Uses Multiple Twitter Accounts for Better Organisation 
Dell is one brand that has figured out that it is not necessary to send all kinds of tweets from a single account. Instead, they have created a collection of separate accounts. This helps keep the tweets streamlined and allows customers to follow the accounts that offer what they are most interested in, whether it’s promotions, customer service, or informative tips.  

Dell’s primary account, @Dell, offers a mix of quotes, links to blogs, promotions, and questions that lead to customer engagement. 

But @DellOutlet focuses solely on customers looking for discounted computers, since the tweets consist of coupon codes and reminders about sales.

The customer service side is taken care of by @DellCares, which offers troubleshooting tips, provides links to the support center, and is available to answer customer questions 24/7.

And @DellCaresPRO offers the same benefits to business customers, allowing business owners to quickly get answers specific to their needs. 

2. Clover Food Lab Thrives on Customer Engagement
This restaurant chain and food truck in Boston is an example of a smaller brand that uses Twitter effectively. The @cloverfoodtruck account keeps customers informed on the latest specials, schedule changes, and contests by updating a few times per day.
This account has more than 6 000 followers, with many of them regularly providing feedback on their recent meals and experiences with the food truck. 

3. Arena Flowers Goes for Humor Rather Than Self-Promotion
@ArenaFlowers doesn’t take itself too seriously and based on the number of responses and retweets they receive from their 18 000 followers this approach is clearly a hit.

Most of their tweets are strange facts, funny comments, and entertaining pictures. Arena Flowers avoids the trap of too many self-serving, promotional tweets.
Be warned that humour is difficult to pull off  and can easily backfire - so use with caution and perhaps consider hiring a comedy writer to help with some funny tweets. At the very least remember to include some funny tweets and photos where possible - everyone enjoys a good laugh.

Know any other companies getting it right on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below.



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