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10 Funny Tweets - The Brazilian Edition

10 Funny Tweets - The Brazilian Edition

Editors Note: Matheus Petroni is a Design Student from Brazil. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

For the last 3 months Matheus Petroni has been working with the ManageFlitter team in an intern position, helping us with a variety of ManageFlitter projects. Mat hails from Brazil and we thought it'd be a great idea for him to give our users some insight into Brazil's Twitter culture and share his list of the 10 funniest tweets from Brazil.

Brazil now has over 40.7 million Twitter users and 29 million Instagram users. This makes Brazil's social media presence one of the largest per capita in the world.

Like many countries, Twitter plays an important role in raising awareness and shaping popular opinion in Brazil.

A great example of this was the 2013 movement commonly referred to as the 'Brazilian Autumn'. Twitter played a huge role in building momentum and promoting local protests against corruption and inequality.

More recently, the trending hashtag #MeuPrimeiroAssedio (#myfirstharassment) has encouraged women to speak up about sexual assault and harassment following an online incident with a 12 year old Junior Masterchef contestant.

Brazilians are also highly engaged in global news and entertainment. During the 2014 World Cup BRA vs. GER game, Brazilians managed to tweet 35.6 million times; consequently setting a Twitter record for the most tweets about a single sporting event. (It was a sad moment, okay!)

As my time at ManageFlitter comes to a close, I feel that I cannot leave without telling you about my favourite aspect of Twitter in Brazil - the jokes! Some of the most famous Twitter accounts are by anonymous people adding humor to tweets about their lives, experiences and stories.

Here are a few I would like to share with you:

Is it alive?
Translation: Sometimes I wonder if GIFS get to rest
while we aren't watching...

Happy New Weekend
Translation: The weekend is like a mini new year. You make a lot of plans and finish it by saying that the next will be better.

Not Today
Translation: 'Well my battery is almost dead.
It's already at 78%, see you later'

Tech Mums
Translation: If I ask my mother to take a picture of me, it will probably end up being a video with me saying 'it's the front button mum'

Is this the future?
Translation: Guys, we are already in 2015. When are we going to decide that it's already the future and start wearing silver clothes?

Maths Has Feelings:
Translation: I refuse to find the 'x' value because I think 'x' needs to show its value through its behaviour.

12,000 Feet & 10 Tabs
Translation: When I open more than six tabs or more than two simultaneous chats, I start to feel like a flight operator.

...Still thinking about Airplanes
Translation: Every time I enter an airplane, I look at all the people around me and think 'these will be my friends on a desert island'.

Divine Intervention
Translation: The easiest way to kill a cockroach is by running away and letting god decide its fate.

Family Recipes
Translation: I can imagine my children showing their kids a picture of a hamburger with chocolate milk and saying 'this was your Grandma's recipe'.



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