How To Identify And Engage With Your Most Influential Twitter Followers

Editor's note: Evan Dunn works in Digital Marketing at Transform, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

1. How To Quickly Find The Right People Who Follow You On Twitter
There are so many types of people I want to talk with on Twitter: influencers, people who share my interests, people who work in my field, and potential clients.

I could just reach out to them directly, but it always helps to have a prior connection. I’ve seen this prove true many times.
If the people I want to talk to are already following me on Twitter, they’ll be more likely to respond when I reach out to them.
This means that people who follow you are more worthwhile for you to reach out to. If I want to look for potential clients on Twitter, for example, it would make sense to first look through my Twitter followers. If a potential client is one of my Twitter followers and I reach out to them, there is a better chance they’ll respond to me if I reach out to them compared to someone who isn't following me on Twitter.
Part of the psychology behind this is the "Availability Bias" as described by Tversky and Kahneman in 1973, which says that our minds give precedence to anything that comes quickly to mind. If someone is following you on Twitter already, you will be somewhat familiar to them, and therefore more interesting.

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How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Organically

Editor's note: Evan Dunn works in Digital Marketing at Transform, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Anyone who has had a Twitter account for longer than a day has been spammed with offers of Twitter followers in exchange for money. These offers may be tempting to someone very motivated to grow their Twitter account follower numbers fast.

Not only is buying Twitter followers a bad idea - one which could harm your account in multiple ways - it's also ineffective.

Tweet this: Don't buy followers - it's harmful and ineffective.

There is a better way ...
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Twitter's Limits You Need To Know
Dave Zoradi is ManageFlitter's U.S. based customer support representative.

At some point after creating a Twitter account you may bump up against various limits or rules that Twitter has in place. These limitations set by Twitter do not discriminate and they apply to all Twitter users.

We've outlined the most common Twitter limits below.

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Grow Twitter Organically Banner
Editor's note: Dave Zoradi is ManageFlitter's U.S. based customer support representative. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you are new to Twitter we understand how challenging it can be to grow your account and gain followers. It is difficult to build momentum when the account has very few followers. This is a classic catch-22 situation. The fewer followers you have the harder it is to gain new followers and the more followers you have the easier it is to gain new followers.

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ManageFlitter Bio

Editor's note: Evan Dunn is a Content & Social Strategist at Transform, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The power of content marketing is unlocked when the right content reaches the right people. The ability to quickly distribute content to the right audience is a powerful strategy.

If you manage a blog, you want to ensure the content reaches the people most likely to read it. If you have an ebook or content product, you want to get it in front of influential people who might share it. If you have a crowdfunding campaign, a press release, or even an actual product to sell, you want the relevant content to reach media contacts and bloggers direct.

ManageFlitter's "Bulk Engage" feature now makes this possible.

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Twitter announced that they have introduced a new "mute" button.  Twitter have noted that they are progressively rolling out this feature so you may not have access to this feature via Twitter yet.

We have already updated ManageFlitter for all users to include this new mute option.  You can now identify and select Twitter accounts that you are following and mute them in the same way you identify and follow/unfollow accounts on ManageFlitter.

Please note: you can still use this mute feature via ManageFlitter even if you don't  yet have access to this feature via Twitter.

This mute feature will also work with the ManageFlitter Remote Account Management feature.

Twitter mute feature

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The ManageFlitter team are coming UP from Down Under to visit the Big Apple!

 We hope you can join us at one or all of the fantastic events we have organised.
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ManageFlitter Free Webinar

This Thursday afternoon (San Francisco time) join Evan Dunn - Twitter/ManageFlitter Consultant & Expert for a free ManageFlitter Webinar.
Evan will be discussing the topic of:
Twitter for Business - Tips on How To Supercharge Your Twitter Account
Evan is also the author of the following articles:

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Editor's note: Evan Dunn is the Social Media Marketing Manager with Marketeering Group in Seattle, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media provides marketers with the long sought after holy grail: direct access to the thoughts of the consumer and the ability to target content or advertisements to consumers based on interest, location, and other variables. Access to consumers' minds and the ability to target consumers in a highly calibrated manner is very useful when wanting to "sell stuff" in a cost effective manner.

Organic Marketing on Social Media: It's Not as Simple as We Thought.

Despite popular belief social media marketing isn't free advertising. It's also a lot more than simply crafting a "cool" post ("viral marketing" died off for a good reason).

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